Héctor Colón | Servant CEO, Keynote Speaker & Author

This dynamic episode features a guest who wears many hats - Servant CEO, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Public Board Member. As the instrumental force behind an impressive $18 million turnaround within his organization, he exemplifies the transformative power of leadership built on five core virtues: courage, humility, temperance, magnanimity and perseverance. His compelling narrative, encapsulated in his much-acclaimed book, "From Boxing Ring to Boardroom," inspires many by providing a unique roadmap to success. This guest doesn't just walk the walk, he instills his principles in others through his powerful keynote speeches and acting as a board member serving the public.

Enjoy this extremely insightful conversation with the CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan and a Wisconsin Titan 100 honoree... Héctor Colón!

Relevant Links & Info from this Podcast:
• Héctor's Website: hectorcolonspeaks.com
• LSS Website: https://www.lsswis.org/
• Book information: https://champinstitute.com/book/

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Héctor Colón | Servant CEO, Keynote Speaker & Author
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